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Splinters, ouch! That deck is hot! I have to stain that deck AGAIN! Please paint the fence honey, it looks like crap! Honey, the deck is rotted!

 Ever heard any of these? You probably have a few of your own as well. Quite simply vinyl fences and decks are a cost effective long term solution for fencing and decking projects. Yes, they typically cost a bit more on the front end but most will pay for themselves in 24 – 36 months. Major improvements have been made in vinyl products and the appearance is becoming more “wood-like” by the day.

If you are considering a fence or deck and rail project you should seriously evaluate using vinyl products!

At www.DeltaDistributing.com we have a wealth of information about multiple vinyl fence and deck products and stand ready to answer your questions and assist you in your decision making process.





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